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Chamberlain’s VacuBlast offers many dust free blast cleaning products for your cleaning needs!

UTILITY VACU-BLASTER-Chamberlains VacuBlast-products

Utility Vacu-Blaster
— Safe and efficient blast and recovery for dust free exterior blasting

Efficient, versatile, portable unit uses coarse, medium, and fine abrasive and steel shot. Exclusive Vacu-Blast vacuum recovery external blast gun recovers all debris and abrasive at the blast point in a dust-free operation. Two models available.

SUPER UTILITY VACU-BLASTER-Chamberlains VacuBlast-products

Super Utility Vacu-Blaster
— High production blasting and cleaning - increased production vacuum blasting

High production, closed circuit system. Designed to use coarse, medium, and fine abrasives, also fully capable of using shot for peening. Includes vibrating screen section to keep media flowing smoothly, pressure regulator that controls blasting, dual sight glasses for monitoring media levels, and much more. Optional electric baghouse also available.

JUNIOR DRY HONER-Chamberlains VacuBlast-products

Junior Dry Honer
— Safe and clean fine media spot blasting

Lightweight, portable vacuum blasting system for use with fine (80 mesh and finer) dry abrasives. Self-contained unit features Vacu-Blast’s proved vacuum recovery external blast gun, ideal for tight-spot blasting and for jobs requiring an extremely high degree of mobility.

SUCTION RECLAIMING CABINET-Chamberlains VacuBlast-products

Suction Reclaiming Cabinet

The Suction Reclaiming Cabinet is a continuous operating blast cabinet and dry honer, designed to clean, etch or finish a surface or work piece. Cleaning is accomplished by a high velocity stream of either fine or coarse abrasive contacting the work piece. Finishing effects are attained by various types and sizes of abrasives.

Pressure Reclaiming Cabinet

Pressure Reclaiming Cabinet

The Pressure Reclaiming Cabinet is a self-contained blasting system using direct pressure to clean, etch, or finish a surface or work piece, by abrasive blasting. A choise of finishing effects are attained by various types and sizes of commercially available abrasive.

— Blast Cabinets

— Closed Circuit

RELIABLE-Finelli Consulting Engineers

— Shot Peeners

TRUSTWORTHY-Finelli Consulting Engineers

— Blast Rooms

EFFECTIVE COMMUNICATION-Finelli Consulting Engineers

— Aluminum Oxide

COMMITMENT-Finelli Consulting Engineers

— Glass Beads

COMMITMENT-Finelli Consulting Engineers

— Shot and Grit

COMMITMENT-Finelli Consulting Engineers

— Soft Abrasives

COMMITMENT-Finelli Consulting Engineers

— Vibratory

COMMITMENT-Finelli Consulting Engineers

— Wheel Blast

COMMITMENT-Finelli Consulting Engineers

— Washers

TEAMWORK-Finelli Consulting Engineers

— Automation

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